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Data\Map: Lower Hudson PRISM SRN Master Species List: Code Matrix

Submitted by John Mickelson on Sat, 06/13/2015 - 22:52

List of some ~500 invasive plant species, compiled from: iMap, EDDMAP and BBG\NYMF indicating the species that have been recorded in or near the Lower Hudson PRISM region (~350 have been confirmed). 

To be used as part of the July 2015 "Block-Buster" event and beyond.

Provides: Latin names, common names and USDA Symbol codes for each of the plants; apha-numberic Symbols to be used as input notatations for species found at each survey site, in the MASTERLIST Survey Form. 

Includes tags for species that are either Common and of low survey interest as well as those plants that are considered Early Detection\Rapid Response (high survey interest) for our region.

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John Mickelson

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