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MAP: Lower Hudson PRISM: Invasive Spp. Distribution Maps (examples)

Submitted by John Mickelson on Tue, 06/09/2015 - 19:39

Set of 3 maps (ea. in PDF and JPG format) depicting:

A) The LHP region (and adjacent counties) with all known invasive species occurrences (from all programs: iMapNY, EDDMAP and NYBG\NYMF)

B) The same region, illustrating the known occurrences of Japanese knotweek (from all programs)

C) The same region, illustrating the known occurrences of Japanese angelic (from all programs)

The comparison graphic depicts that, despite more than 60,000 known survey sites, with over 350 invasive species being considered, our knowledge of actual, PRISM-wide, per-species occurrence, distribution and relative abundance is limited. 

This is likely due to a range of effects, (limited species being surveyed for per site, limits as to the density of sites sampled across the region, etc....).

Our hope is to establish this systematic survey network and highlight the need for more surveys to include more species (when possible), actual absences ("species looked for and not found") and to intentionally "fill in" regions lacking sampling for the wide array of species present.


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