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Species Information

Below is an alphabetical listing (by scientific name) of some of the invasive species in our region. Widespread species are common in this region as well as in most surrounding areas. Established species are relatively widespread throughout the region but may not be present in neighboring regions. Emerging species are not yet widespread in the region but may be locally common. Threat species are at very low levels in the region. The websites URLs listed will take you to short informational summaries about these species, and recommended management practices on how to deal with them. The websites listed have been selected based on their quality of information, but additional excellent sites are available and cannot be listed due to space considerations, and ease of use of this website.

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Species (Scientific)sort descending Species (Common) Status Type Websites
Carassius auratus Goldfish Established Aquatic Animal GISP/ISSP
Cardamine impatiens Narrowleaf Bittercress Emerging Terrestrial Plant EDDMaps
Celastrus orbiculatus Oriental Bittersweet Widespread Terrestrial Plant GISP/ISSP , EDDmaps
Centaurea stoebe Spotted knapweed Established Terrestrial Plant
Channa argus Northern Snakehead Emerging Aquatic Animal GISP/ISSP
Cirsium arvense Canada thistle Emerging Terrestrial Plant
Clematis terniflora Japanese Virgin's Bower Emerging Terrestrial Plant GISP/ISSP
Corbicula fluminea Asian Clam Emerging Aquatic Animal GISP/ISSP
Cynanchum louiseae (C. nigrum, Vincetoxicum nigrum) Black swallow-wort Established Terrestrial Plant National Park Service
Cynanchum rossicum Pale swallow-wort Emerging Terrestrial Plant GISP/ISSP
Cyprinus carpio Common carp Established Aquatic Animal
Cytisus scoparius Scotch broom Emerging Terrestrial Plant
Didymosphenia geminata Didymo Threat Aquatic Plant
Dioscorea polystachya Chinese yam Threat Terrestrial Plant GISP/ISSP
Dipsacus laciniatus Cut-leaf teasel Threat Terrestrial Plant GoBotany
Dreissena polymorpha Zebra Mussel Established Aquatic Animal GISP/ISSP
Egeria densa Brazilian elodea Threat Aquatic Plant GISP/ISSP
Elaeagnus umbellata Autumn Olive Widespread Terrestrial Plant GISP/ISSP
Eriocheir sinensis Chinese mitten crab Established Aquatic Animal GISP/ISSP
Euonymus alatus Burning Bush Widespread Terrestrial Plant GISP/ISSP