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Egeria densa

Submitted by Linda Rohleder on Thu, 03/12/2015 - 10:22


Aquatic Plant
Species (Common): 
Brazilian elodea

Egeria densa: Brazilian elodea

Plant Identification:

  • Growth form: submerged, freshwater perennial herb that forms dense stands that can restrict water movement, trap sediment, and cause fluctuations in water quality
  • Leaf: bright green, minutely serrated and linear, 1-3 cm long and found in whorls of 4-8. Lowest leaves often opposite or in whorls of 3
  • Stems: erect, cylindrical, simple or branched, and grow until they reach the surface where they grow dense mats
  • Flower: white, 3 petal flower that either float on the surface or rise above the surface

*This species is commonly mistaken for its native lookalike Elodea canadensis, and an invasive lookalike Hydrilla verticillata

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