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Action Plan

2018 Action Plan

Our work is guided by an annual action plan constructed and approved by the partners. The Lower Hudson PRISM partners work toward completing these objectives, and proposals are solicited through an RFP process to address some of these objectives to ensure we complete our plan.

2018 Action Plan (PDF) approved 11/28/17 -- the task list and assignments will be updated throughout the year. The Goals and Objectives will remain unchanged.


The partners developed 6 goals to strive for as part of our 5-year strategic plan. These goals are:

  1. Capacity Building - The Lower Hudson PRISM has a robust public identity, strong internal structure and a sustainable resource base to continue its mission.
  2. Conservation Targets - The Lower Hudson PRISM protects the rich, native biodiversity of the Lower Hudson Valley by focusing on priority targets for conservation.
  3. Strategic Invasive Species Management - The Lower Hudson PRISM supports and optimizes regional conservation through strategic invasive species management.
  4.  Education and Outreach - The Lower Hudson PRISM reaches out to new audiences and delivers education that communicates the positive impacts of invasive species management on ecosystems. The Lower Hudson PRISM offers clear steps for action on personal and community levels.
  5.  Mitigating Pathways of Invasion - PRISM has a coordinated program to prevent species introduction by focusing on pathways.
  6.  Information Exchange - The establishment of an information exchange allows Lower Hudson PRISM partners and other professionals to strategically manage and integrate information relevant to the management of invasive species and offer that information to any person, group, agency (partner and non-partner alike).