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Information Exchange

The pages under this tab updated as information is gathered and some areas may not be complete. As more information is gathered, it will be posted here.

Species Information

Help record Phenological information about Invasive plants in our region - Submit information

  1. Phenological observations of the emergence, flowering, of fruiting of invasive species. Observations are especially valuable if this species easy to identify.
  2. Timed/seasonal recommendations for managing invasive species. In other words, how and when is the best time to treat this species?
  3. Phenological observations of native species that make good alternatives to invasive species in the garden

    The Community Action Plan Calendar - a Google calendar that includes phenological information about invasive plants in the area

New York Part 575 Invasive Species Regulations

Block Buster 2016 Invasive Species survey

Native Plant Sales and Nurseries


Lower Hudson PRISM Reports

Final Reports

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