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Aquatic Invasive Species of Lower Hudson PRISM


The table below shows the invasive aquatic plants and animals that have been documented in the Lower Hudson PRISM, as cited in either the iMapInvasives database ( or in the NYSDEC Division of Water database. The list is arranged by county, and it excludes the portion of Sullivan County that is included in the LH PRISM. This list includes species that are considered "Prohibited and Regulated Invasive Species" in NY state regulations (6 NYCRR Part 575; and may also contain some species that are non-native but not currently regulated in New York. This list is not complete, but instead represents only those species that have been reported and verified within the county. If any additional aquatic invasive species (AIS) are known or suspected in these or other waterbodies in the county, this information should be reported through iMapInvasives or by contacting NYSDEC at

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Janet Andersen
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