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Species Information

Below is an alphabetical listing (by scientific name) of some of the invasive species in our region. (Click on the column header to sort by that column).

Tier 4 - Widespread species are common in this region as well as in most surrounding areas.
Tier 3 - Established species are relatively widespread throughout the region but may not be present in neighboring regions.
Tier 2 - Emerging species are not yet widespread in the region but may be locally common.
Tier 1 - Threat species not yet reported in the region.

Species (Scientific) Species (Common) Statussort descending Type Websites
Clematis terniflora Japanese virgin's-bower, Yam-leaved virgin's-bower, Sweet autumn virgin's-bower Tier 3 - Established iNaturalist, Invasive Plant Atlas,, GISP/ISSP
Najas minor Brittle naiad Tier 3 - Established GoBotany, USGS GLANSIS, IPANE
Adelges tsugae Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Tier 3 - Established GISP/ISSP , NYS DEC, GISD
Euphorbia cyparissias Cypress spurge Tier 3 - Established EDDMaps
Lonicera maackii Amur Honeysuckle Tier 3 - Established GISP/ISSP
Agrilus planipennis Emerald Ash Borer Tier 3 - Established NY DEC , EABIN, GISD
Euphoriba esula Leafy spurge Tier 3 - Established GoBotany
Euonymus fortunei Winter Creeper, Climbing spindle-tree Tier 3 - Established GISP/ISSP
Anthriscus sylvestris Wild chervil Tier 3 - Established GoBotany
Ficaria verna Lesser Celandine, Fig buttercup Tier 3 - Established GISP/ISSP , GoBotany, Global Invasive Species Database
Reynoutria japonica (Fallopia japonica, Polygonum cuspidatum) Japanese Knotweed Tier 3 - Established Penn State, College of Agricultural Sciences
Humulus japonicus Japanese hops Tier 3 - Established
Ligustrum obtusifolium Border Privet Tier 3 - Established GoBotany
Aegopodium podagraria Bishop's goutweed (bishop weed) Tier 3 - Established USDA Weed of the Week, GoBotany
Miscanthus sinensis Chinese Silver Grass Tier 3 - Established GISP/ISSP
Persicaria perfoliata (Polygonum perfoliatum) Mile-a-minute, Asiatic tearthumb Tier 3 - Established Penn State, College of Agricultural Sciences
Trapa natans Water Chestnut Tier 3 - Established GISP/ISSP, GoBotany, IPANE, Global Invasive Species Database
Caragana arborescens Siberian peashrub Tier 3 - Established
Dreissena polymorpha Zebra Mussel Tier 3 - Established GISP/ISSP
Paulownia tomentosa Princess tree, Empress tree Tier 3 - Established