Lower Hudson Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management

 “The mission of the Lower Hudson Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management is to protect the rich biodiversity and natural ecosystems of the Lower Hudson region through partnerships and collaborations that focus on controlling the introduction, spread, and impact of invasive species.”


The Lower Hudson PRISM is one of eight regional partnerships in the state of New York. The PRISMs are funded by the Department of Environmental Conservation through the Environmental Protection Fund. Each PRISM is hosted by a non-profit organization. The Lower Hudson PRISM is hosted by the New York - New Jersey Trail Conference as of 2013 and the program coordinator is Linda Rohleder, the Trail Conference's Director of Land Stewardship.

Contact us : email Linda Rohleder

The LHPRISM strives to address invasive species issues through its partnerships.

We aim to protect the rich biodiversity of the region by identifying conservation areas. 

Collectively, we focus on likely areas of introduction and methods of early detection and response. 

Together we reach out to new audiences, to increase public awareness and participation. 

We engage volunteers in data collecting, restoration and management projects. 

We gather and share information about invasive species to support each other and to reach key people such as teachers, Master Gardeners, and landscape professionals. 

Our emphasis is on education, prevention, early detection and rapid response.


Coordination is key. Our partnership is composed of more than 35 organizations and individuals concerned about invasive species in the region.

We take action year round and work together on prevention, detection, management, and education to stop the spread of aquatic and terrestrial invasive plants and animals throughout our region.

We meet regularly to discuss, plan and prioritize efforts. We maintain a listserve to share information across the region. New partners are welcome and encouraged to participate.