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MAP: LHP SRN Block-Buster Event: Reference Maps

Submitted by John Mickelson on Mon, 06/08/2015 - 23:05

A Zip archive set of 3 maps (ea. in .JPG and .PDF format), depicting the Lower Hudson PRISM region and encompassing 5kmX5km Survey Reference grid, with block labels and backgrounds of:

1) shaded relief

2) reference base maps

3) satellite imagery

The PDF maps work well, in that they allow the user to both zoom into the digital file (maintaining a fairly high image resolution) as well as turn off the block labels, allowing for a clearer view of the contained block systems. 

The map compositions are designed to be used as general, navigational and orientation tools, to provide the field survyor with the ability to identify, select and understand the approximate block grid containing the area you wish to survey. They are expressly intended to be used in conjunction with the accompanying KMZ files.

When loaded into Google Earth, the KMZ files will allow for a much more detailed 3 and 4D examination of the systems, features, habitats and conditions subsumed within each block and to load additional layers (e.g. trails, parks, conservation targets, previous field surveys, etc...)

Please feel free to contact me if you have burning questions on their use.





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