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Site User's Guide

This site servers two user groups: the general public and active participants in the work of the LHPRISM. Some material is only available to the latter and they must register and login to have access. Site visitors who want to become active participants should apply to be a partner or participant. Many events and volunteer opportunities are available to the general public.

Registration and Login

The general public are welcome to browse and search for information on the site, but may not register or login. 

Active participants are encouraged to register and login. Click on the login/register link below. For registration, click on the Create new account tab. For a username, please use your real name, e.g. John Doe (blanks are allowed). If you at some point create material on the site your username may be be displayed with the material so don't use your email address as your username as that exposes it to spammers.

All registrations are moderated and not approved until someone has verified that you are a partner or participant. That may take a few days, but normally a few hours, and you won't be able to login until approved. At approval time you may be given additional priviledges of editing/creating material or site administration for those who need it. Participating in the Forum or commenting do not require additonal priviledges. 

When you register you are asked for contact information. Please fill this out as that is what the site adminstrators use to determine who you are and if you are eligible to join. The contact information you supply is not available to the general public. Incomplete forms are deleted with no notice (lots of spammers out there trying to register). You may edit your contact information at any time.

When you login in the future, you may use either your username or your email address in the username field.

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