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Monitoring and Managing Ash (MaMA) Training Workshop

Tuesday, July 16, 2019 - 1:00pm to 4:30pm
Cornell Cooperative Extension - Dutchess County, 2715 US-44, Millbrook, NY
Jonathan instructing a class

The MaMA program of the Ecological Research Institute (see provides constructive actions to be taken at each stage of Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) invasion, including even pre-invasion as well as the final invasion stage, when virtually all the ash in an area have been killed by this invasive beetle. In this free workshop, which includes hands-on training, you’ll learn steps to take to mitigate EAB damage, and more importantly to enable detection of naturally occurring EAB-resistant native ash, which provide the greatest hope for ash conservation. You’ll learn how to use MaMA’s three citizen-science projects, including the MaMA Monitoring Plots Network, which reaches from New England to the Midwest, and the MaMA Lingering Ash Search project, in which you report locations of trees that are likely EAB-resistant. MaMA’s development and implementation have been done in close collaboration with the US Forest Service scientists leading the search for and propagation of EAB-resistant native ash, and by helping to find the these trees, you can help save ash from extinction. This workshop includes the establishment of an actual ash monitoring plot to help detect resistant ash.

Continuing education credits: NYS Nursery and Landscape Association (3.5 CNLP); International Society of Arboriculture (1.25 Arborist; 1.25 BCMA Practice); Society of American Foresters (3 Cat. 1); and Cornell Cooperative Extension (3 Master Naturalist).

Pre-registration is encouraged due to space limitations; please register by email to or by calling (845) 419-5229.