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Bellamya chinensis

LHPrism Status 
Tier 3 - Established
Lake or Pond
Key Characteristics 
The shell is globose and has 6-7 whorls that are convex and have a clear suture. The Chinese mystery snail has a concentrically marked operculum, or "trap door," that can close when water quality is not sufficient. The trap door is not present after death.
Mature snails have banded olive green, greenish brown, brown, or reddish brown shells. The outer lip has a black coloring.
Can reach a length of up to 7 cm.
Impacts of this species 

The Chinese mystery snail can host parasites which infect and kill waterfowl. They form dense populations that can clog water intake screens.


The Chinese mystery snail is a freshwater gastropod introduced to the United States via aquarium trade. It can be found in lakes and slow rivers throughout the Lower Hudson PRISM, but reports are limited.

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