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Cabomba caroliniana

Biological Category 
Species Type 
Aquatic Invasives
LHPrism Status 
Tier 2 - Emerging
Key Characteristics 
Cup-like flowers grow above the water and are visible from May- September. The flower is less than 2 cm across and ranges in color from white to pale yellow. The flower emerges on stalks from the tips of the stems.
Individual leaves have thin vein-like structures in a half-moon shape. Underwater leaves are divided into fine branches, resulting in a feathery fan-like appearance. Leaves are about 5 cm across. There are also a few small, floating, linear-elliptic leaves with entire margins and a basal notch. They are 6-20 mm long.
Fanwort is a submerged aquatic perennial plant and can grow 7 ft or higher.

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Impacts of this species 

Fanwort can form dense populations that interfere with recreation and clog drainage systems. It can grow from plant fragments, making it easier to spread.