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Cabomba caroliniana

LHPrism Status 
Tier 3 - Established
Lake or Pond
Key Characteristics 
Growth Form
Fanwort is a submerged aquatic perennial plant and can grow 7 ft or higher
Solitary flowers are less than 2 cm across and range in color from white to pale yellow and emerge on stalks from the tips of the stems
Underwater leaves are divided into fine branches, resulting in a feathery fan-like appearance. Leaves are about 5 cm across. There are also a few small, floating, linear-elliptic leaves with entire margins and a basal notch. They are 6-20 mm long.
Impacts of this species 

Fanwort can form dense populations that interfere with recreation and clog drainage systems. It can grow from plant fragments, making it easier to spread.


Fanwort is native to North America but invasive in New England. It is sold as an aquarium plant and is often introduced from aquarium dumping. 

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