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Channa argus

LHPrism Status 
Tier 2 - Emerging
Moving Fresh Water
Lake or Pond
Brackish Water
Key Characteristics 
Can exceed 33 inches in length
Generally light brown with dark, leopard-like patches along the sides
Large with many sharp teeth
Dorsal Fin
Supported only by rays, runs the entire length of the body
Broad, flattened head with a torpedo shaped body
Impacts of this species 

Predatory, voracious eaters of native flora and fauna. Snakeheads can eat other fish that are up to 33% of their size.


The scaled head of the fish resembles that of a snake. These fish can tolerate freezing temperatures, surviving under ice. They can also survive on land, living up to four days without water. They have been heard making grunting noises, similar to the snort of a pig. They originally were brought to Arkansas for the restaurant trade and escaped captivity.

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