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Egeria densa

Biological Category 
Species Type 
Aquatic Invasives
LHPrism Status 
Tier 2 - Emerging
Key Characteristics 
Serrated and linear leaves seen in whorls of four to eight along the stem; small white flowers with 3 petals, bloom in late spring and in fall; 3 or more leaves per node along the stem

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Impacts of this species 

Brazilian elodea forms dense mats in waterways and reduce habitat for fish, recreational value, and outcompetes native plants for sunlight; it has been seen to cause large losses to the hydroelectric companies. These plants form in dense stands and restrict water movement, trap sediment and create fluctuations of water quality. With the instability of water movement, these plants can cause interruptions of electricity generation and damage to grids and equipment. The large stands of these plants also lower recreational value of waterways and interfere with navigation, fishing, swimming and water skiing.