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Hydrilla verticillata

LHPrism Status 
Tier 2 - Emerging

Hydrilla verticillata: hydrilla

Plant Identification:

  • Growth form: submerged aquatic perennial that can grow in depths of up to 30 feet
  • Leaf: strap-shaped with pointed tips and serrated edges, growing in whorls of 4-8 (usually 5) around the stem. Leaf color can vary from green, yellowish, or brown
  • Flower: small, white flowers on long slender stems on female plants, or small, green, free floating inverted bell-shaped flowers on male flowers
  • Seed: Hydrilla produces turions (over-wintering buds) in the axils of leaves, and tubers (potato-like structures) within the sediment. Tubers can remain viable for up to 10 years

*Hydrilla is commonly mistaken for its native lookalike, Elodea canadensis, or for its invasive lookalike Egeria densa

Why We Need To Stop the Spread of Hydrilla

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