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Ligustrum obtusifolium

LHPrism Status 
Tier 3 - Established

Ligustrum obtusifolium: Border privet

Plant Identification:

  • Growth form: woody, perennial, semi-deciduous shrub growing up to 10 ft in height
  • Leaf: elliptic to obling-ovate measuring 1-2 inches long and .301 inches wide. Apex of the leaf can be acute or obtuse. Upper surface is dark green while the lower surface is pubescent
  • Flower: unpleasantly scented and are borne in nodding panicles measuring .75-1.5 inches long. Flowers begin appearing in June
  • Fruit: black to blue-black, glaucous drupes. They are subblobose in shape and measure .25 inches in length. Fruits appear in September and persist on branches into winter

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