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Wisteria floribunda

LHPrism Status 
Tier 2 - Emerging

Look a-likes: American  wisteria  (W.  frutescens) is our native species that also occurs throughout  the  Eastern  U.S.  It  inhabits mostly  hardwood  bottomlands  and  wetland margins, at rare times forming expansive  entanglements.  The  American  species can  be  distinguished  from  the  exotic species  by  having  pubescence (hairs) on  stems and  leaves,  a  hairless  legume seed pod, and the growth habit of climbing but not running (spreading horizontally along the ground).

Both of the  oriental  species  lack  leaf  pubescence in  late  season  and  produce  velvety,  fuzzy legumes. Both Japanese and American wisterias’  dangling  inflorescence  bloom  from top to tip, while Chinese wisteria essentially blooms all at once before or just at leaf emergence.

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