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Species Information

Below is an alphabetical listing (by scientific name) of some of the invasive species in our region. (Click on the column header to sort by that column).

Tier 4 - Widespread species are common in this region as well as in most surrounding areas.
Tier 3 - Established species are relatively widespread throughout the region but may not be present in neighboring regions.
Tier 2 - Emerging species are not yet widespread in the region but may be locally common.
Tier 1 - Threat species not yet reported in the region.

Species (Scientific)sort descending Species (Common) Status Type Websites
Lythrum salicaria Purple loosestrife Tier 4 - Widespread Penn State, College of Agricultural Sciences , GoBotany, EddMaps, NYIS, Penn State
Lythrum virgatum European wand loosestrife Tier 5 - Watch
Macleaya cordata Plume poppy Tier 5 - Watch
Mahonia bealei Beales barberry Tier 5 - Watch
Malus hupehensis Tea crabapple Tier 2 - Emerging
Malus sieboldii (M. toringo) Toringo crabapple Tier 2 - Emerging
Microstegium vimineum Japanese stiltgrass Tier 4 - Widespread Penn State, College of Agricultural Sciences , GoBotany, IPANE, United States Department of Agriculture, New York Invasive Species
Miscanthus sinensis Chinese Silver Grass Tier 3 - Established GISP/ISSP
Morus alba White mulberry Tier 4 - Widespread USDA Plants, Invasive Plant Atlas, Missouri Botanical Garden, Pennsylvania DCNR
Murdannia keisak Marsh dewflower Tier 1 - Threat
Myosotis scorpioides True forget-me-not, Water forget-me-not Tier 4 - Widespread NAS GLANSIS, Missouri Botanical Garden, EDD Maps
Myriophyllum heterophyllum Broadleaf/variable-leaf watermilfoil Tier 1 - Threat GISP/ISSP
Myriophyllum spicatum Eurasian Watermilfoil Tier 4 - Widespread GISP/ISSP , GoBotany, USGS GLANSIS
Najas minor Brittle naiad Tier 3 - Established GoBotany, USGS GLANSIS, IPANE
Nandina domestica Heavenly bamboo Tier 1 - Threat
Oplismenus hirtellus ssp. undulatifolus Wavyleaf basketgrass Tier 1 - Threat
Orconectes rusticus Rusty crayfish Tier 3 - Established GISP/ISSP
Ornithogalum umbellatum Common star-of-Bethlehem Tier 5 - Watch
Pastinaca sativa Wild parsnip Tier 4 - Widespread GoBotany, NYIS
Paulownia tomentosa Princess tree, Empress tree Tier 3 - Established