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Species Information

Below is an alphabetical listing (by scientific name) of some of the invasive species in our region. (Click on the column header to sort by that column).

Tier 4 - Widespread species are common in this region as well as in most surrounding areas.
Tier 3 - Established species are relatively widespread throughout the region but may not be present in neighboring regions.
Tier 2 - Emerging species are not yet widespread in the region but may be locally common.
Tier 1 - Threat species not yet reported in the region.

Species (Scientific) Species (Common)sort descending Status Type Websites
Phellodendron amurense Amur corktree Tier 2 - Emerging GoBotany
Lonicera maackii Amur Honeysuckle Tier 3 - Established GISP/ISSP
Corbicula fluminea Asian Clam Tier 2 - Emerging Global Invasive Species Database, University of WI SeaGrant, NYIS, USGS NAS
Carex kobomugi Asiatic sand sedge, Japanese sedge Tier 1 - Threat
Elaeagnus umbellata Autumn Olive Tier 4 - Widespread GISP/ISSP , ISSG, United States Forest Service
Vitex rotundifolia Beach vitex, Roundleaf chastetree Tier 1 - Threat
Mahonia bealei Beales barberry Tier 5 - Watch
Kolkwitzia amabilis Beautybush Tier 5 - Watch
Perilla frutescens Beefsteak plant Tier 2 - Emerging
Prunus avium Bird cherry Tier 4 - Widespread GoBotany, Invasive Plant Atlas, The Plant List
Aegopodium podagraria Bishop's goutweed (bishop weed) Tier 3 - Established USDA Weed of the Week, GoBotany
Centaurea nigra Black knapweed, Lesser knapweed Tier 4 - Widespread GoBotany,, USDA Plants
Robinia pseudoacacia Black Locust Tier 4 - Widespread GISP/ISSP , GoBotany,, Global Invasive Species Database, United States Forest Service
Cynanchum louiseae (C. nigrum, Vincetoxicum nigrum) Black swallowwort Tier 3 - Established National Park Service
Reynoutria x bohemica (Fallopia x bohemica, Polygonum x bohemica) Bohemian knotweed Tier 4 - Widespread King County, Weed Control Handbook, Invasive Plant Atlas
Ligustrum obtusifolium Border Privet Tier 3 - Established GoBotany
Pyrus calleryana Bradford pear Tier 3 - Established
Egeria densa Brazilian elodea Tier 2 - Emerging GISP/ISSP , GoBotany, IPANE, Global Invasive Species Database, Department of Ecology, State of Washington, Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants, IFAS
Najas minor Brittle naiad Tier 3 - Established GoBotany, USGS GLANSIS, IPANE
Lepidium latifolium Broad-leaved pepper-grass Tier 1 - Threat